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Dordogne offers travellers an authentic, off-the-beaten-track French experience. Enchanting mediaeval villages, scenic rolling countryside, and incredible prehistoric landmarks are among the classic Dordogne highlights. With its diverse offerings, the Dordogne region should be explored over many days and we offer multi-day tours for those looking for that perfect Dordogne holiday.

Day trips from Sarlat are also available, where you can visit Dordogne Valley, Les Eyzies de Tayac with its Prehistory Museum and the close by Rouffignac Cave, perfect if you’re looking for Dordogne cave tours. We also organise guided tours of the mediaeval towns Sarlat and Périgueux. Other options include great activities such as canoeing or Dordogne River cruises. And be sure to take a Dordogne food tour to sample the cuisine of the region which is among the most exquisite and affordable in France or simply enjoy a classic wine tour of the region. Take your pick below! 


Dordogne Tours 


Where is Dordogne?

Located in Southwest France just an hour downwind from Bordeaux, The Dordogne is located in the Nouvelle Aquitaine region and is one of France's best-loved areas. The Dordogne can be reached by high-speed train with the main stations being Périgueux, Bergerac, Sarlat and Brive that can be reached from trains departing from Paris, Lyon and Toulouse. Flying into nearby airports and then hiring a car is another popular way to travel to the region.

What to Visit in Dordogne?

You can join Ophorus in the Dordogne on an array of excursions. Journey with us through historic villages such as La Roque Gageac, explore the alluring countryside and its prolific vineyards or take a jaunt to the sparkling coast. Discover singular prehistoric sites and caves such as Lascaux IV or Cap Blanc on an unforgettable day tour.

With our essential Dordogne packages, our expert travel specialists combined a few of our Dordogne tours to offer a comprehensive experience of the Dordogne over a few days. Whatever you choose, we assure you that in the hands of Ophorus, your Dordogne experience will be one to remember and cherish!

Dordogne Tours From Sarlat

Departing from Sarlat la Canéda, we organise small group tours, exclusive private tours and more affordable shared tours of Dordogne as well as all the major attractions of the area. Our half day or full day tours are conducted by expert guides that speak impeccable English. Transportation is done in new or recent fully-equipped air-conditioned minivans.

Our destinations include the Dordogne Valley, Les Eyzies de Tayac with its Prehistory Museum and the Rouffignac Cave. We also organise guided tours of the mediaeval towns of Sarlat or Périgueux. With us, visit the caves of Font de Gaume or Rouffignac as you travel along the Vézère Valley.

In addition, we offer day trips from Bordeaux & Toulouse to the Dordogne region to towns in the region that are not easy to get to without local expertise. One popular trip is to Sarlat la Canéda, and our day trips from Sarlat are the perfect option to visit the surrounding countryside in this area.

Dordogne Food & Wine Tours

The region is famed for its wine and stunning Dordogne vineyard tours around Bergerac and Pecharmant wine region are a must for any visitor to the area. The Dordogne Valley offers a plentiful and premium range of fine wines for both the sommelier or for those who just enjoy a tipple every now and then. The food options in Dordogne are also numerous and local delicacies include Foie Gras, strawberries, mushrooms, black truffles, duck and so much more.

The Four Colours of the Perigord

France's south-western Périgord region dazzles us in four colours: black,white, green and purple. The first, black,is the oldest with its dark holm oaks, next the white where you can discover limestone plateaus and Roman ruins, then the lush nature of the green Périgord and lastly the purple Périgord, a region of orchards and vineyards. Click the accordions below for more information:

The Black Périgord

It is undoubtedly the oldest of the appellations that existed even before the Dordogne department. The black colour refers to the very dark holm oaks that are very present in this part of the Dordogne. They give the landscape a beautiful dark colour. Black adds a touch of mystery that appeals to locals and tourists alike.

The Périgord Noir extends over the south-eastern part of the department. It is known for Sarlat-la-Canéda but Les Eyzies, Montignac or Domme are also very popular towns and villages for visitors. This Périgord Noir is rich in a thousand vestiges to discover, preferably in low season because the summer season is particularly busy.

The White Périgord

It takes its name from the limestone plateaus of this part of the Dordogne and covers the central part of the department. Historically, it included the Riberacois (named after the town of Riberac) who, for a few years now, has been part of the Périgord vert, which has more authenticity.

The Périgord blanc is home to Périgueux, the capital of the Dordogne, but also the villages of Savignac-les-Églises, Montpon, Sorges, Saint-Astier, Neuvic and Mussidan. Less wooded than the other Périgords, this area is relatively agricultural and is watered by Auvézère, Isle, La Double and Dronne Rivers.

The Green Périgord

The story goes that the name was found by Jules Vernes himself during a stay in the north of the department. The name comes from the lush nature, watered by the many rivers that cover this land. Historically, the Périgord Vert (green perigord) extended mainly to the north of the department, in particular around the region of Nontron. Today, it spreads west to encompass Ribérac as far as Saint Aulaye.

The Périgord Vert is hilly, dotted with small meadows and beautiful forests. This unspoiled nature offers a very authentic charm which promotes the development of green and sustainable tourism. Nontron, Thiviers, the admirable Brantôme, Lanouaille, Piégut-Pluviers, Jumilhac le grand and Ribérac are the main towns of the Périgord Vert. The rivers that cross it are the Côle, the Dronne, the Belle and L’Auvézère.

The Purple Périgord

The purple colour of the Périgord refers to the vineyards that cover the southwest around Bergerac, going as far as Montpazier.

This purple Périgord is rich in a wide variety of landscapes and famous heritage in particular for its bastides such as Montpazier, Beaumont du Périgord, Villefranche du Périgord. Bastides were organised towns that were created completely by man during the Middle Ages. These modern towns were built to attract the surrounding population complete with a market and walls to protect the town.

The purple Perigord is crossed by the Dordogne river. This Périgord is the cradle of the famous Bergerac wine that we strongly suggest you sample during your stay.

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